Hitachi Capital Canada provides customized and flexible cash flow solutions to support your company’s continued growth and success. As an important financial partner of Hitachi Global, we are fully empowered to Inspire the Next – your next round of working capital, your next big contract, or your next round of payroll.

How an asset based lending can help your business?

What is an asset based lending and how this product offered by Hitachi Capital Canada can improve the progress of your business? This video explains this financing method that could allow you to expand more quickly than you thought.

Lending solutions

ar financing

Accounts receivable financing

Turn unpaid invoices into cash and eliminate long account receivables cycles. Factoring allows you to quickly fund your business needs.

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asset based lending

Asset based lending

Asset-based lines of credit provide flexible short-term financing for your everyday needs, new contracts, payroll, and more.

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debt refinance

Debt refinance

Finance your business activities, improve your company’s financial position with better interest rates and reduce your monthly payments with our debt financing solutions.

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