Accounts Receivable Financing

Accounts Receivable Financing

Flexible Working Capital Solutions

Everyone knows cash is king. It’s the lifeblood of any business. That’s why it’s so important to have a stable source of working capital to pay employees, purchase new equipment, meet seasonal demands, and more. That’s where accounts receivable financing comes in.


Accounts receivable financing, or A/R financing, turns your unpaid invoices into cash. The financing available can go up or down based on your needs and allows you to easily manage your A/R. No more collecting payments from customers – we’ll take care of that. Plus, it’s the only form of financing that truly grows with your sales. More business equals more invoices, which means more availability.


  • Expansion & growth
  • Maxed-out credit lines
  • Slow paying customers
  • Lack of operating history
  • Turned down by bank
  • Less-than-perfect credit
  • Tax issues
  • Bankruptcy


  • Up to a 90% advance on eligible A/R
  • Competitive rates with deep resources from Hitachi Ltd.
  • Ideal for any industries
  • Can use in conjunction with current bank lines
  • Includes customer credit review and invoice collection services
  • Online reporting

Asset Based Lending Solutions

Asset Based Lending Solutions

Flexibility to Fuel Business Growth

No two businesses are alike and there’s no one size fits all. Each and every client requires their own financing solution. Asset-based lending allows you to grow your business on your own terms.


It’s as simple as it sounds: a line of credit based on your assets. Your A/R, inventory, and equipment serve as the collateral for the loan.

Asset-based lines of credit offer working capital for companies that may be growing, are highly leveraged, or just need more capital than their current lender is willing to offer. Sometimes a company just needs a line of credit to complete that big order or get over a financial bump in the road. Whatever the reason, manufacturers, distributors and service companies find this financing works well for their business needs, whether they’re used for a one-time contract, seasonal needs, or the ups and downs of a business cycle.

Advantages of Hitachi Capital Canada

  • For manufacturers, distributors, service providers, and more
  • Advances of up to 90% on A/R, 50% on inventory, and 75% on equipment
  • Competitive rates with deep resources from Hitachi Ltd.

Debt Finance

Debt Finance

Finance your business activities, improve your company’s financial position with better interest rates and reduce your monthly payments with our debt financing solutions.


ABL debt refinance loan solution program is an attractive option for companies looking to leverage the equity to finance additional business activities or simply to reduce their monthly payments.

The Hitachi Capital Canada asset based lending team can propose an ongoing plan for a bespoke asset-based revolving line of credit and leasing credit line based on the value of the company’s assets.

Other Financing Options

Other Financing Options

Syndicated Lending

At Hitachi, we partner with reliable national business partners to offer the most to our customers. When working hand-in-hand with other players in the market, we can offer businesses more money, at a better cost, with advantageous terms and conditions


A Syndicated loan implies that a group of lenders work together to provide funds for a single borrower. It encourages lenders with diverse expertise in terms of asset categories to team up and deliver the most favorable financing possible to clients.

Lender financing

Based on our broad experience and knowledge in finance, Hitachi Capital Canada is proud to offer Lender Financing to provide you, factors, with the funds needed to achieve your business goals.


Lender financing is a secured loan to specialized financing companies globally. You can expect a quick and efficient process as well as competitive rates and pricing from our account receivables financing team.