Construction equipment financing

Construction equipment financing

Construction equipment financing by Hitachi Capital Canada Corp. is beneficial for vendors and dealers alike, as well as for their clients. One of the preferred methods is leasing. Here are some advantages of leasing for both the vendors and their clients.

Benefits for dealers and vendors

Dealer advantages
  • Accelerated sales cycle increasing inventory turnover;

  • Facilitates transactions;

  • Access to manufacturer programs;

  • Access to incentive compensation programs;

  • Outstanding support;

  • Reliability of Hitachi Capital Canada’s funding.

Benefits for clients

Customer advantages
  • Competitive credit terms and financing rates for your construction equipment;

  • Capital preservation;

  • Credit line preservation;

  • Tax savings;

  • Simple and flexible financing solutions;

  • Quick analysis of credit applications;

  • The ability to provide simple solutions to demanding transaction structures.



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