Trucks and Trailers

Trucks and Trailers

Hitachi Capital Canada Corp. is a specialist when it comes to financing trucks, trailers and other rolling stock.

Financing trucks and all types of rolling stock is an important market segment for Hitachi Capital Canada Corp. Have a look at all the advantages for dealers as well as for their clients.

Hitachi Capital Canada also offers a variety of insurance and protection products for peace of mind that only a secured financial situation can provide.

Financing trucks, trailers and other rolling stock? We can help!

Please contact us to know more about Hitachi Capital Canada commercial financing solutions.

Types of financed equipment

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When it comes to rolling stock, Hitachi Capital Canada’s financing solutions are your best option; it is one of our most important market segments. Financed equipment includes:

  • light, medium and heavy duty trucks (class 1 thru 8);

  • trailers (all types of trailers for commercial usage);

  • new and used rolling stock;

  • motorcoaches.

Hitachi Capital Canada has partnership agreements with major manufacturers such as Isuzu, Hino and Mitsubishi.

Hitachi Capital Canada’s truck financing is available all across Canada. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our financing solutions.

Advantages for dealers

Advantages for dealer

Hitachi Capital Canada’s financing has numerous advantages for dealers:

  • increased sales;

  • facilitates business transactions;

  • accelerates inventory turnover;

  • access to manufacturers programs;

  • access to exciting dealer cash-back programs;

  • exceptional support;

  • access to floorplan financing;

  • Hitachi employees are experienced truck people and it makes a difference;

  • strength and reliability of Hitachi Capital’s financing.

Hitachi’s accreditation process and requirements for dealers / vendors

  • new and used truck dealers are eligible;

  • dealers must be authorized to sell light, medium and heavy duty trucks and trailers;

  • dealer’s corporate officer must sign Hitachi Capital Canada’s dealer and remarketing agreement;

  • dealers provide wiring instructions to allow Hitachi Capital Canada processing fast funding payments.

For floorplan financing, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Advantages for customers

Advantages for customers

Hitachi Capital Canada’s financing has numerous advantages for customers:

  • easy application process;

  • rapid credit evaluation and responses;

  • flexible equipment financing solutions (seasonal payments, skip payments, terms matched to customer needs).


Hitachi’s accreditation process and requirements for dealers / vendors


  • Choose your equipment from a Hitachi Capital Canada accredited dealer.

  • Complete our one-page application form and submit it to Hitachi Capital Canada.

  • One of our account managers or  credit agents will inform you of any additional documentation needed and the status of your application.

  • If your application is approved, the dealer is paid and you’re ready to take possession of your new truck or trailer.


We also have financing solutions such as our EQUITY + Open line that gives you even more flexibility in managing your finances.