Advantages to join Hitachi Capital Canada



Hitachi contribute to the pension plan of its employees. This is why we offer a simplified pension plan.



With a modular plan, our employees have the program that meets their needs. We offer flexibility regarding medical and dental insurance.



All employees have access to a competitive bonus program.



In addition to the vacation provided for in our employee guide, we have access to sick days and paid personal days.


Recognition program

We highlight the exemplary behaviors and celebrate each other’s achievements with a great recognition program.

family assistance program

Employee and family assistance program

We also support our employees in their family life with an assistance program for them and their loved ones.


Wellness initiatives

Our wellness program moves beyond the typical company wellness programs to one that encourages fun, leadership and teamwork.


Training and tuition reimbursement

We are committed to our employees so that they develop and can achieve their ambitions.

Profil needed



Risk Management




Customer Service


Human Resources


Project Management


Information Technology



Welcome to Hitachi Capital Canada

You are there, your application has been accepted! The job offer will be sent to you.

Once our HR team has received your signed job offer and the recruitment process has been completed, we will provide you with the information you need when you start your job, such as your training plan.

We will be happy and proud to count you among our team!

Welcome and integration

During your first days, you will visit the office and meet your new colleagues. We will present the company and the operation of each department. You will also be sponsored by a member of your department and even receive a welcome gift! In short, we will do everything in our power to make your integration with us a success.


We encourage diversity

We firmly believe that diversity fosters the emergence of thoughtful and innovative ideas. This is why all our job offers are open to all candidates corresponding to the profiles sought, regardless of the groups to which they belong.