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See how leasing can help your company acquire new equipment to grow without having to pay the equipment upfront.

Offering commercial and business financing services across Canada

commercial financing
  • Hitachi Capital Canada provides commercial financing solutions to dealers and customers for all types of equipment.

  • Hitachi Capital Canada’s high level of expertise is the result of a dedicated team of finance and credit specialists.

  • Dealer support and customer service are of paramount importance at Hitachi Capital Canada as evidenced by our dedicated team of account managers and sales directors.

  • The company finances all classes of commercial trucks.

  • Hitachi Capital Canada business financing solutions are also provided by CLE Capital, a subsidiary of the Hitachi Capital Group. CLE has been an official part of the Hitachi family since May 8th, 2014. In Canada, it is a leader in commercial financing solutions for self-employed workers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, VSBs (very small businesses), and growing companies.

We are a subsidiary of Hitachi Capital America

Hitachi capital America

Hitachi Capital America Corp. is a diversified leasing and financial services company providing commercial financing to businesses and other Hitachi companies in the United States. Hitachi Capital America offers a variety of asset-based financing solutions with a focus on trucks, trailers, and floorplan financing; trade financing, small/medium ticket financing, structured financing and asset-based lending.

Hitachi Capital America Corp. was incorporated in October 1989 and commenced business operations in April 1990. The headquarters are in Norwalk, CT and  is an important financial partner of Hitachi. The financial division of Hitachi was founded in 1957 and has become one of the leading financial institutions in Japan. Through its other subsidiaries located in the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Hong Kong, the Hitachi Capital Corporation has established a presence in the global marketplace to better serve its customers and the other Hitachi group companies worldwide.

  • In 2014 Hitachi Capital Canada announced its acquisition of CLE Capital (former CLE Leasing), a well-established independent Canadian finance and leasing specialist.

  • Hitachi Capital Canada offers flexible business financing solutions across Canada. The company has an office in Burlington, Ontario, that serves Ontario and one in Calgary that serves Western Canada.

  • The head office is based  in Trois-Rivières and provides servicing the French Canadian market and the Eastern provinces of Canada.