Métaux M.P.I. inc. : a successful partnership

5 stars customer service
By Marketing team
April 15, 2021Articles

Almost two years ago, Hitachi Capital Canada and Métaux M.P.I inc. started their partnership which allowed the company to get through a difficult period. We implemented financing solutions adapted to their needs which allowed them to gradually resume the growth of their business. Métaux M.P.I. inc. was thus able to get through this pivotal period and is now even better equipped to position itself for the future.

Following this great experience with the company, our portfolio manager, Antony Pinette, organized a short interview with the controller of Métaux M.P.I. inc., Élise Deveault, to learn more about her appreciation for our services and the help we provided them.

Antony Pinette: Can you describe your overall experience and Hitachi's support to MPI when setting up the funding?

Élise Deveault: "From the first contact with the representative of Hitachi Capital Canada, we were confident with the company and the product offered. They were able to answer our questions, accompany us and support us in the progress of the implementation of their product, as well as in the daily use of their internet platform. "

Antony Pinette: How did the Hitachi financing facilities help you during the financing term?

Élise Deveault: “Hitachi Capital Canada was there for us, mainly with partial daily reimbursements of our invoices. They were also able to respond quickly to our last minute needs by giving us the necessary liquidity to move forward. "

Antony Pinette: What have they enabled you to accomplish as an SME in the manufacturing sector?

Élise Deveault: “This method of financing has given us the necessary purchasing power from our suppliers. This collaboration with Hitachi Capital Canada has enabled Métaux M.P.I. inc. to keep jobs and market share. "

Antony Pinette: What is your overall assessment of Hitachi’s customer service and its stakeholders?

Élise Deveault: “In this partnership, our Portfolio Manager Antony Pinette worked in collaboration with Métaux M.P.I. inc., he has always been available and attentive to our needs. Hitachi Capital Canada has provided us with great service from the very beginning to present day which has brought us through a difficult time and now we can look to the future. "

We are very pleased with our partnership with Métaux M.P.I. inc. and that our service lived up to their expectations. We thank them for the trust they have placed in us throughout this process and wish them the best for the future.