Some special visitors …

Visitor in Canada

On Wednesday, June 28th, three giants of our organization visited us in Trois-Rivières: Alex Sugawara, CEO of Hitachi Capital America (HCA), Ryan Collison, President and Chief Operating Officer of Hitachi Capital Canada (HCC) and HCA, and Yoshikazu Ohashi, Chief Human Resources officer of Hitachi Capital Corporation. We seized this opportunity by organizing a lunch with all of our head office employees. This enabled us to chat whilst enjoying a delicious meal.

The president of CLE Capital (CLE), François Nantel along with Ryan Collison also took the opportunity to underline the highlights of our financial year and to thank us for our exceptional work. Here is what they had to say…

First, François thanked us for an amazing start to our financial year. He was full of praise about the employees and emphasized the sustained efforts from everyone. These efforts resulted in the organization exceeding set out targets. In the first two months of this financial year, we have already attained 160% of our target in terms of financial growth. This is an impressive figure that demonstrates the strong involvement of our growing extraordinarily well in this market segment. Finally, he shared his confidence and his aspiration regarding the STP project (Smart Transformation Project), which aims to solicit suggestions from employees for optimizing the organizations’ processes and where best projects will be rewarded. François firmly believe that employees’ ideas can only help the organization in its pursuit for exceptional growth.

As for Ryan, he began by highlighting the impressive growth of both of our companies. He also explained that the Japanese were eager to meet François and that they were really satisfied with our performance. The STP project was part of his speech as well, whereas he expressed that the outputs for this project will most certainly have impacts on HCA as well. This means that CLE’s employees have influence even in the States! Lastly, he encouraged our team members that are involved in huge transformation projects. Over the past few months, we’ve been working on a new management software implementation, representing one of the biggest challenges of the past years for CLE and Hitachi Capital Canada. Consequently, he came up with some inspiring metaphors by saying: ‘We have to eat our vegetables: even if it’s not always pleasant, at the end this is definitely for the good!’ Moreover, he compared this change to a roller coaster ride by stating that ‘Some days may be better than others. What’s important is to remember that they always have an end!’ Certainly, these words remind us of the importance of working together to successfully complete projects that are undertaken, even if they are challenging.

In the end, this special visit allowed us to get together and motivated us to continue building on our successes. It also proved to us that employees are the corner stones of Hitachi Capital Canada and CLE. As a matter of fact, it says a lot about the employees’ experiences at Hitachi Capital Canada and CLE.

Hitachi Capital Canada/CLE: An employer of choice

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