STP: Simplify, Transform, Perform / Smart Transformation Project

Smart tranformation Project

Organizations such as Hitachi Capital Canada Corp. (HCCC) are constantly evolving. Why? To adapt … Adaptation to technology, regulations, competition, market pressure, …

Adaptation is the key to success. We are very conscious of this at HCCC. That is why in April, a major initiative was launched: the STP (Smart Transformation Project / Simplify, Transform, Perform) initiative. The aim of this initiative is to mobilize all members of the organization in order to create projects with significant transformation potential. These projects will enable HCCC to continue to adapt to its environment, simplify its processes and, of course, maintain a level of performance that will ensure the sustainability of the organization. And it is of the utmost importance!

Since joining the Canadian market in 2012, HCCC has continued to consolidate its positioning through sustained growth and the acquisition of CLE Leasing Enterprise Ltd. in 2014 (Crédit-Bail CLÉ / CLE Leasing, known as CLE Capital today). To date, the organization has 150 employees across Canada. This number is impressive, considering that in 2012 there were only 64 employees. In 2014, year of the acquisition of CLE, the number of employees had increased to 81. Overall, this is a 134% increase in the number of employees in just under five years. On top of these 150 employees, there are also 11 trainees. These university students undertake paid internships and for several years, the company has made a point of contributing to the training of the next generation. They are the promise of future transformations.

Creating quality jobs and maintaining existing jobs are responsibilities that HCCC takes very seriously. This is why an initiative such as STP projects is so important. HCCC must embrace change in order to pursue its mission, remain a responsible organization and be active in its community. Simplify, Transform, Perform: the DNA of our evolution.

About STP Projects

All HCCC employees, either alone or as a team, can submit a project. Projects can focus on simplifying a process (improving efficiency, controlling costs), implementing innovative or more efficient processes, or more specific actions such as improving IT applications.