Why Work in a Non-Traditional / Independent Financial Environment

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By Marketing team
February 28, 2020Articles

Whether it’s for the challenge, motivating work environment, the possibilities for advancement, or the involvement in the success of your clients, the advantages of working in a non-traditional financial environment are plenty.

Hitachi Capital Canada is renowned by its innovative corporate culture and by going above and beyond. Open-mindedness and the consistent search for new ideas are always welcome. Additionally, top executives are easily available to discuss new ideas that can impact and potentially improve the performance of the business. Everyone is working to grow and build our organization together.  A more traditional financial environment can sometimes offer a very strict framework and little room for innovation unless you are a senior manager. In a non-traditional environment, our employees enjoy greater variety and freedom in their daily tasks.

Who hasn’t been nervous on their first day at work? The managers of our company take great pride in offering the best integration possible for their new employees. They organize a schedule for the first week of work enabling new employees to get to know the organization, their responsibilities and create lasting relationships with their new colleagues. They quickly realize that the family atmosphere and the energy of the team is incomparable to a traditional environment. Hitachi Capital Canada offers the power of a multinational corporation while having the team and collaboration of a family business. Therefore, the "open door" concept encourages this interdepartmental teamwork. This has a tangible effect on the atmosphere and energy in the offices. Worth mentioning, advancement within the company is on a meritocratic basis.

Promotions are granted by merit, according to the individuals’ performance, unlike seniority in some traditional financial environments. There are several concrete examples within our company (Bruno, Mikael, etc.).  These individuals have advanced in the first 24 months of their employment.

Another example is that of Sabrina Lévesque, who began her career at Hitachi Capital Canada as a Sales Intern in 2018 and is an Account Manager today. Advancement of our people is due to their drive to succeed, their skills, their desire to advance their career and our company that motivates. Employees feel that they are making a real contribution in the evolution of the business. Hitachi Capital Canada offers continuous training to develop skills enabling employees to follow new market trends in their respective fields.

What sets us apart in the industry is the importance we place on our relationships with our customers and partners. Our sales team is in constant contact with entrepreneurs, suppliers, partners and companies across Canada. Our clients’ openness and interest in our financial services facilitate this relationship. 

Hitachi Capital continually looks for ways to improve the employee experience.   An example is our approach to family-work life balance for its employees. Whether it’s the possibility of working from home or having modified work hours. Hitachi offers competitive salaries, performance bonuses and benefits tailored to your needs.